This is your genuine opportunity to heal your complete body, using two proven ancient techniques presented in our modern, convenient and easy to use patent 'granted' product designs.
The letter 'C' in our company's name stands for the term Chakra, an ancient world knowledge which describes our body's energy ley-lines or as numerous mini-black hole vortexes (C-My TM logo; top left) as in the axiom; as above, so below.

Our latest 2008 Chakra products are safe & holistic in design. To educate some and awaken some of you still further as to your innate spiritual healing abilities.
Our new-age Chakra colour product;
are called:- Chakra Body Clock , Chakra Cone Clock and the Healing Tax Disc Holder.

Via C-My Complete Body, we have artistically represented the relationship between your mind, body and soul in our unique three body layered design. In all of our products, the Body is represented in perfect harmony as these three powerful colours; black, silver and gold. This is an important part of the overall C-My Complete Body healing principle.

Each Chakra junction invisibly operates within us at differing rates of energy corresponding to the known visible colour spectrum. Chakras are located throughout the body at seven major junctions and also at twenty-one minor points corresponding to one's physical organs i.e., shoulders, knees, hands and feet; whilst controlling your complete personality characteristics.

Every individual's Chakra junctions can eventually become blocked by sudden extra stress, by unhealthy environmental conditions, society's negative nurturing, the repression of our emotions and other karmic realities.

As with a spiral or bath; water emptying through the pipework becomes slowed or even blocked by debris and grease. This problem usually requires the attention of a plumber (doctor) or if available a plunger maybe used to force the blockage through the pipework in an emergency; seeming to have cured the equivalent human condition for the time being with an operation or a course of pharmaceutical drugs.

Largest Chakra Wholesaler

Ignorance can know-longer be a credible defence for your disease however it or you may prefer the status quo; as some individuals require the crutch of a disease to remain karmically balanced.

Continuing the spiral or bath pipework analogue; if you are set upon one of the various corrosive cul-de-sacs of internal energy conflict, leading to the creation of your partially blocked Chakra junction; then expect your loving-body (home) to compensate for this imbalance and it's attempt to re-distribute your limited energy level as it seeks to avert your eventual energy leak.
This toxic energy will grow more powerful within your three body layers without treatment until your weakest point floods manifesting as a traditionally recognised disease.

Wonderful Chakra Remedies

Eventually one the following diseases, dependent upon your real-time body's health status, will become apparent: a heart attack, various cancers, loss of confidence, depression, stress related behaviour, sexual dysfunction plus numerous other maladies which began deep within one or another of your Chakra junctions.
Our aim is to unblock and regain the health of your body's pipework using our new Chakra healing products without the crisis of a further devastating flood.

Used daily as a painless pro-active meditational technique to permit the holistic cleansing of your individual pipework thus permitting healing energy to flow freely throughout your Chakra body eventually regaining your optimum health level.

Our practical design enables the location of the Chakra Body & Cone Clocks upon your window using our top quality (non-yellowing) clear suction cup; thereby making it's removal easy.

The mandala disc icon has been known throughout the ages as a sign of perfection, harmony and completeness.
Colour therapy has been used for thousands of years to treat and heal the sick ie., silver has a cleansing effect upon any room; the wearing of coloured fabrics as clothing and the varied designs using coloured crystals incorporated into silver and gold jewellery.

Currently, C-My Complete Body Ltd, has three products, two have been designed for home use; the other product for use within your motor vehicle. Both are designed to provide you and your loved ones with our powerful self-healing knowledge for use throughout one's remaining Chakra years.

Beautifully designed for your personal self-healing; by the effortless focussing of your awareness towards your chosen Chakra colour; subliminally reflected back to you via your environmental surroundings throughout each remaining Chakra day.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

Then, simply Remember, Read, Rotate and Relax.

"Become more aware of your multi-layered body's completeness"